Joe the Patsy

October 20th, 2008

Why is it so easy for working class men and women to get sucked down into the lying muck that the Republican party is the party of hard working white people? They’re certainly not the party of hard working people no matter what the color of their skin.

They don’t trot out Al the Asian or Bill the Black. Or Harry the Hispanic. They focus on an unlicensed schmuck who figures he can install your gas water heater because he works with a guy who has a plumber’s license.

He hopes to buy the business he works for.

This dope makes $47,000 dollars a year and wants to buy the business he works for. John McCain says if we elect Obama, Joe won’t be able to make his American dream come true.

McCain is correct. If Obama is elected, Joe won’t be able to buy the business. What McCain doesn’t say is that if he is elected Joe won’t be able to buy the business either because Joe doesn’t make enough money and there’s not a credit company from here to Bhutan that would give him a loan. Joe the Dumber would be better off buying a lawn mower and working for mortgage holders cutting the overgrown weeds in the front yards of millions of homes abandoned to bank foreclosure. Nobody lives in those homes anymore because people like McCain turned their heads, letting predatory real estate criminals fleece dim bulbs like Joe, filing gobs of cartoon paperwork that put him on the hook for a mortgage that was so upside town it’ll be 2130 before the interest is paid off.

There’s a lot of really dumb people, who, instead of working to build a better America, would rather step and fetch it for a foggy old fraud like McCain who sneers at their misery while welcoming them aboard the Straight to Hell Express for their infamous stupidity.


Joe the Dumber teaches all of us a lesson.

During presidential elections, there’s a sucker born every minute. Fortunately for democracy, most of them get just 15 minutes of stage time before we move on to the next freak waiting in the wings. Maybe this one will come out and slip a sword down their throats , a metaphor for all the barn manure swallowed by citizens like Joe the Dumber willing to be the poster child for all political patsies.

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