Goosestepping to the Poor House

February 6th, 2009

Four years ago people all around me began to lose their jobs. Markets were unhealthy, but none of us knew because we weren’t allowed inside the portfolio. Companies began downsizing, though none of the hyper-paid geniuses on Wall Street seemed to understand that the more people they put out on the street with pink slip skateboards, the fewer unneeded, well marketed useless crap those dismissed workers would be able to consume.

Meanwhile, human nature raided board rooms and CEO’s started stuffing billions into their jump boots, packing their golden parachutes. The Iraq war costs us 10 billion a month. 5 months of no war could bail out both General Motors and Chrysler and give your kid a free college education. Instead, we’re stimulating Iraq’s economy so the oil industry won’t have to pony up any of their profits to do it.

I have no idea where Obama’s going right now. He’s smart enough and shrewd enough and has the back up of the American people and the world. Yet he tip toes around a minority, venture capitalist opposition whose tactics and philosophy have dragged the entire planet into bankruptcy. Bipartisan cooperation is one party government. Whether the stimulus package is the right one or not, nobody knows. It’s just printing money we don’t have. Another generation will have to suck it up. Baby boomer parents didn’t care about burdening their kids with Social Security debt. Why should we worry about taxing the future of our little helmeted tricycle riders blossoming in suburban neighborhoods?


If this is a consumer economy, as Wall Street scripture prophesizes, then our economically scammed, unemployed consumer quarterback needs to get back into the game. Not the banks, not the egos of business school suck ups, and not half-dead industrial dinosaurs begging taxpayer dollars from their paid for poodles in Congress.


You figure it out. If he chooses, Obama can rid the nation of the economic corpse glued together by a chummy partnership between business and government. As Thomas Jefferson reminded, “When business and government become one, the value of life itself is lost to Fascism.”


The rest of the world understands this. It’s about time home grown patriots, led by Obama, did too.


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