March 18th, 2011

An Asian guy with flowing white hair named Michio Kaku told me something last night that shivered me timbers and will remain inside me for as long as I suck oxygen.

All of us have a piece of Chernobyl radiation inside of us. A piece of Chernobyl. Not a big piece, but every African, Asian, North American, Latino, Black, White, and whatever has a radioactive piece of Chernobyl radiation inside of them.

Personally I think thats pretty cool. Gives us all a special bond. Even the evilest among us, North Korea, has a piece, maybe an even bigger piece of Chernobyl in them than the rest of us. Brothers and sisters are we, bonded in radiation from the worlds worst nuclear meltdown. Will Japan give us a hunk of burnin’ love as well?

Probably not, although certainly everyone in Japan will end up with a piece of radioactivity from the ongoing reactor meltdowns inside their bodies.

For $150 dollars you can visit Chernobyl and walk around for a few hours without getting into too much radioactive trouble. One guy, a Russian officer, does it every day. He guides people through the nightmarish remains of a company town that is
stripped of life and spirit. Its a concrete cemetery. Gutted company housing. Dead branches, no birds, nothing.

If a meltdown happens in Amerika, which probably will happen, people across the nation will flip out. Amerika is always on the verge of a 19th nervous breakdown and radioactive contamination will surely give them good reason to have one.

Get used to nuclear energy or turn the lights out. Thats the choice we have moving forward into the twenty first century. With population explosions in the unaffordable third world and the first world striving to keep up with the second one, nuclear energy will be the source of choice for energy needs whether you like it or not. Imagine an ill managed third world nuclear reactor build with the cheapest bids, cheapest labor, the cheapest materials.

My guru told me that mans purpose on earth is to turn the planet back into a lifeless world where it will then eventually recycle into the sun and from that implosion, a new world will come into being. Stars giving birth to more stars. The process is naturally endless, the snake eating its own tail, and nuclear energy is certainly the irritant needed to achieve the ultimate goal.

Turning the lights out.


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