March 21st, 2011

Whether we put boots on the ground or lob Tomahawk missiles into Qaddafi’s compound, we’re taking sides in what is essentially a civil war. If civil war broke out between right wing government conservatives in this country and a coalition of independent voters and European U.N. Forces intervened by firing missiles into Philadelphia, wouldn’t you feel as if Europe had cut into line and shoved themselves into your private fiasco?

Of course you would. And thats why its never a good idea to mixed up in somebody else’s business because if you do it once, your under obligation to do it again and thats the mess the United States has gotten itself into. On purpose too I might add.

Don’t be deceived. It’s war. If its two days, its war. Four years? Still war. Twenty minutes? You guessed it. Remember the six day war? Started out with bombing runs, then tanks, then the whole Double Bubble. We’re at war in Libya but no one wants to say the “War” word. “We’re just helping out the rebels”, is our claim to aim. “Keeping them from being slaughtered by Qaddafi’s fire power. Just evening up the odds.” Sort of an unasked for hired gun with an entire army attired in desert camos waiting to wander in and poke around the private playpen of a colorfully clad dictator with bad facial hair.

We’re they’re because of the oil. Not because of freedom or democracy or godless communism. If that were the case we’d be in Beijing tomorrow afternoon but that won’t happen because Beijing is more than capable of defending itself from U.S. aggression. Once our company partners establish their tentacles in the Libyan oil trade, the Chinese will have the option of paying the price rise or sucking more of their own coalitions oil from Nigeria where they’ve established an influential foothold.

The world’s great superpowers are engaged in a furious high stakes race to control the priceless Middle Eastern oil pipelines. The war in Libya, not the short term “intervention” as the propaganda may have you believe, is war done on purpose. Who started the brush fire that got the rebels out onto the streets? Knowing what I do about intrigue and politics I’ll guarantee the oil companies are at the bottom of the strife. Why? Because when you follow the money trail on this one you do it all the way to the pumps. Who benefits? Who wins? Answer those questions and you too will understand why the “war” word is passed around only when the innocents paying the fare are distracted by the propaganda from their own masters of political illusion.

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