March 28th, 2011

My piece on “Sunday” received comments on this site and on Facebook. Most agreed with me that something is wrong with Sunday. That its not a very joyous day. Whether the sun is out or not. instead Sunday seems cloaked in a sort of omniscient gloom.

Most readers have carried these feeling with them since childhood. Somehow Sundays were drenched in the sort of dutiful obligation of doing something you didn’t feel like doing such as getting dressed up and going to church. Most commented on the inherent sad pallor of Sunday, despite the time of year. The lack of interesting programming on weekend television. The repetitive news cycles. How many times can I watch the same prison documentary on MSNBC? And though marijuana and all things green are of interest, how many times can CNBC show Marijuana Inc. without viewer burnout?

Perhaps Sunday viewing, endless golf tournaments, made up sports like downhill roller board competitions, and ice dancing are aired to get us outside. But soon, when the lawn mowers are revved up and the leaf blowers maxed out, baseball will drag people back. At least for a few hours until another prison documentary pops up or episodes of one hit wonder pilots hit the networks. then its back outside just in time for a few hours of grilled food and warm air.

And although Monday has a reputation of being a drag your ass back to the grindstone imperative, most people don’t mind Mondays unless too much indulgence the day before makes going back to work about as much fun as beet farming.

In that case for you, Monday has a right to be blue .

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