June 9th, 2012

We’re not a democracy anymore. We have a dumbed down population of overweight idiots, under informed and uninterested in politics.When they vote, they vote to maintain and pay for a government that represents the interests of the corporate status quo. They have this delusion that our economy will expand eternally and that the private sector knows more about making money than the government does.

If the private sector knows more about creating jobs than the government does, then why isn’t the private sector creating jobs? Meanwhile, the government is ahead of the curve with shovel ready infrastructure projects but Congress won’t fund them because the Republikans don’t want the President to succeed economically. That way, they can blame Obama for our financial woes instead of Bush 43 who put us in this mess. No matter how much these criminals laugh and lie, you and I both know that Bush sunk the ship with his tax cuts and his criminal invasion of Iraq .

When government and corporations form a cabal and ideology supersedes the will of the people, then the nation faces a dangerous destiny. It’s been said that ideology is a disease. Certainly the impact ideology has had on our freedoms is both frightening and toxic.

It’s toxic because of the systemic effect it’s had on the body of the unread, politically illiterate people of the United States.People who share the mythical fable that the United States is a free nation, enlivened by free markets. What they don’t comprehend is that free markets are only free to those who can afford to buy their way into those markets. That freedom of the press is only free if you own a printing press.

No ordinary Amerikan, absent a few million bucks in their money market account, has any chance of ever becoming President of the United States. Soon only billionaires will be wealthy enough to run for President. Even now, the upper one percent of the population dictates economic policy to the other ninety nine percent, most of whom willingly shoulder the burden because they obediently gargle the whitewash that wealth is good and poverty is sloth. That if people labor hard enough they’ll all be billionaires. That work is better than play. That having things is success no matter the cost to your life or your love.

Here’s the proof of this odd stupidity. Despite tax cuts to the rich, which were suppose to create jobs,nothing has happened. The private sector is locked up like a vault. Job markets are stagnant. Congress is immobilized.Nothing trickled down except our taxpayer funded bailouts which trickled up.

I’ll be dead before this outrageous inequality brings revolution to the streets. Capitalism is totalitarianism. When it merges corporately with government, as it has, capitalism has the law on it’s side. Once that happens, people can only obey and continue to partake in this farcical charade.

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