December 12th, 2013

After a couple of years of not writing a goddamn thing on this website, I’m back. I’ve been writing more than two books at once which drives my psychotherapist up the wall. She wants me to focus on one project at a time. Problem is, I’ve got too many ideas and not enough time left on the planet to lay them all out I’ve been on several sites for writers, a few of which I’ve been tossed out on my ass for expressing my opinions about subjects that other’s deem to be worthy. Heres one. Christian fiction. What the hell is that? I wrote I thought all Christian writing was fiction, including the insanity of the Bible which is the most boring book I’ve ever read and yes, I’ve read the entire tome. Never have I encountered such incomprehensible gibberish as I have in the Bible. Written to appeal to the literary ignorance of people who lived two thousand years ago and claiming to be the words of the invisible man who lives in the sky and his son, whom he tortured to death so the rest of us would be “saved”, this book never mentions that the world is round, that Chinese culture is five thousand years ahead of our own, and to cook ground beef well done to avoid getting sick from E-Coli bacteria. Revelations never mentions a thing about Porsches, The Federal Reserve Bank, cell phones, tablets, refrigerators, or any other modern convenience. That’s because the morons who wrote all this stuff never had Clue One about what would occur through the ages. You’ll note that the Bible never mentions dinosaurs which tromped around this planet for sixty five million years. How do you leave dinosaurs out of the Bible? Why doesn’t the word of god mention the solar system, nebulas, galaxies, and rocks a mile and a half wide that can wipe us out when we least expect it. Even snow isn’t mentioned and that’s because none of those nitwits, pen in hand, writing all this stuff down, knew anything about snow.

Enough about Revelations. If you can decipher any of that holy hogwash you’re a better translator than I am. Oh and by the way, while I think of it, we aren’t created in the image of god, rather he’s a creation of ours. There is absolutely no proof that anything written in the Bible came from the mind of powerful being bent on bringing death and destruction to the very beings he supposedly created. He made man suffer the misery of destitution, starvation, enslavement, and even had one poor bastard swallowed by a whale.

It feels sweet to be back. I hope you’ll stop off here often as you cruise through the Net. I appreciate your interest and your comments. feel free to post comments whenever you wish. As the site states, this is Charles Uncensored. That means you as well.

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