December 16th, 2013

Politicians are mouthing off about keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people. While that may sound spiffy to timid people in the electorate who consider any gun owner to be the Anti-Christ, it won’t do a goddamn thing to prevent a high school kid from legally obtaining a shotgun, filling up a few molotov cocktails with Kool Aid from the Shell station pumps, looping an ammo belt around his chest, and heading off to his high school to kill his debate coach who reprimanded him for some unknown infraction. Maybe he told an opponent during a political debate to go “fuck himself”, which if you think about it, would make for riveting discourse over entitlement programs.

How was anyone to know this kid had a short fuse? He wasn’t in treatment, he wasn’t doping himself with downers, he wasn’t infamous for delinquent behavior, and he gave no indication to anyone that someday he’d like to shoot people because he was pissed off. Clearly this kid was dangerous but because he wasn’t spouting incoherent gibberish, whirling a dervish, or threatening his peers online, how was anyone to know he was dangerous?

When ambitious politicians see an opportunity to suck up to frightened people, there’s no line they won’t cross to do it even if it makes no sense. Obama’s silly chant that “we must do all we can to keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous people”, is insignificant bluster. Unless it’s a known terrorist, he can’t tell whether someone has the potential to be dangerous to others anymore than you or I can. Background checks are meaningless unless the person applying for permission to buy a gun has a history of violent behavior and even then, unless that person’s been arrested and has a record, a background check won’t raise a red flag.

Cops are dangerous people. They arrive in uniform from the same class of people that produce criminals. Most cops are arrogant, bullies, and do nothing to serve the people.They show up after the crime has been committed. If it weren’t for automobile traffic, two thirds of all cops in this country would have to find another way to make a buck. The advent of the horseless carriage was a boon to law enforcement. Notice how cops never show up to support union activities unless it’s their own union’s welfare at stake. They diligently guard the status quo and the dictators who insist they enforce the principles of the status quo. Labor movements in this country have a history of being clobbered by the police while stingy industrialists reap benefits of low wages and long hours. Detroit’s dead on arrival because automobile giants decided to have cars made in third world countries where workers get paid five cents an hour to man production lines. Just enough to buy a family of four a taco to share at dinner time.

Cops have guns. They’re never psychologically examined by the department to determine whether they ought to be hired. Instead they scoot from the paramilitary order of the police academy and into uniform. When a cop is killed while on duty, the entire country seems to forget that they’re the ones who were armed. Police funerals are elaborate affairs even though the dearly departed one signed up for a profession that puts their l;ives in jeopardy every time they cruise out into the community.

I support the Second Amendment. The Founding Fathers didn’t intend for us to spontaneously form militias while authorities passed out firearms. Their intent was to give us the ability to defend ourselves against all kinds of threats to our mortality, our freedoms, or impending tyranny, even if it comes from dangerous people in authority or those we elected to serve us, not imprison us.

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