January 16th, 2014

We’ve become a violent, frenetic colony of overworked, underpaid, multi-tasking desperate survivors in a country filled with too many people, not enough jobs, not enough opportunity, run by a cabal of greedy, ruthless brigands who will do anything for profit even if it decimates the lives of others.

We’re no longer “in this together” as many political hacks preach. We’ve become a nation run by a single political party. The Business Party. Both Democrats and Republicans know who keeps the balance in their bank accounts from tanking and who writes the legislation they pass in Congress. The rest of America, lounging on furniture on they can’t afford but somehow their credit cards can, have ignored the bankruptcy of democracy in this country because jacked up NFL multi-millionaires capture more of their mindless, illiterate attention spans than the disintegration of the nation.

Theres no cure for this mess. Americans have no intention of getting off their overweight asses and collectively repair the damage they’ve done. Sadly, this party is over. We’ve got an upper class and then there’s the rest of us. The 1% will continue to increase their wealth, control the government, perpetuate fraud and deny pay raises to anyone who’s not a senior vice president of crap. We can’t fight an economic war nor can we maintain a solvent society as long as there’s too many chiefs and not enough indians to go into battle. Hell…most Americans can’t shoot straight anymore anyway. They haven’t the imagination to go beyond what they’re now ordered to do, even if the jobs they have are slowly killing them, even if they haven’t had a raise in ten years.

No one cares. No one sees that the light at the end of America’s tunnel is losing it’s brilliance, it’s luster, it’s promise of opportunity for those who chase down the dream. Unfortunately it’s difficult to chase down anything with their heads up their ass. If they’re lucky, they’ll continue to pack on the pounds, ruin their health, and waddle off to the grave before it all goes to hell in a holocaust of poverty, debt, and chaos because that’s the highway up ahead, that’s what happens when they spend most of their day with their brains on hold, waiting for their marching orders from the SVP’s of the upper 1% who stole all their money.

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