September 25th, 2007

The most popular name in the world for a boat is “Obsession”.

Half of all people in this country live within 50 miles of where they grew up.

85% of all married people who die having sex were cheating on their spouses at the time they died.

100% of all lottery winners gain weight within three weeks of winning.

Christians who are the most zealous about their beliefs tend to be vastly overweight.

A brick wall and a plate glass window are made out of the same thing.

The more we know about the universe the less we understand.

There are always people without children far more capable of raising your children than you are.

3.9% of all women over the age 21 never wear underwear. ( Neither do I.)

The horn of the Rhinocerous is composed of compacted hair.

When God drops acid does He see people?

None of the Beatles could read music.

The more we know about the universe

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