You Took Your Country Back

November 11th, 2008

Conservative, Liberal, Independent, Moderate. Doesn’t matter. None of us l

viked the apocalypse of the politics of Schedule 2 addiction to power and greed of the last decade. We put up with it because we had no choice, no vote, no vigorish with which to exact payment from the appalling madness of the Bush regimes global and domestic devastation.

All of us can stand proud that on Election Day 2008, in the midst of the worst meltdown of the economic policies the United States has seen since the Depression, we went to the polls and took back our country .

It feels good to be in charge again, to be part of a winning popular vote and electoral purge that decimated any conservative domination of national affairs for at least the remaining lifetime of the Obama generation and beyond.

Young Americans have now directed us down a path of reconstruction, sacrifice, and the end of anti-intellectual hatred spewed by capitalists eager to enlist the dumbest among us in their quest to rule America by cheering on mass stupidity, while hypnotizing us with villainous policies that enrich only a few insiders.. No longer does the lie that “ every one of us can be a billionaire” hover over the aspirations of the average American’s ability to make a living. Simplicity and transparency of matters concerning everyone of us will no longer be shielded by the illusion of capitalism purposely designed to reward Plutocracy instead of fortifying Democracy .

Hopefully, public outrage will demand people be imprisoned after the inauguration, something Bush won’t do because he’s afraid he’ll spend time in a Federal pen as well. The man is a thief, a criminal, and in the minds of millions of us, a murderer of thousands of volunteer soldiers and innocent civilians.

It’s over for Conservatives. They got their green cards when Barry Goldwater was defeated. On Tuesday November 4th, those cards were tossed out from the guest list of elected officials. It’ll be political sport to watch them pull their ignorant bilge from the quicksand that swallowed up their movement of smart ass bow-tied know-it-alls and uninformed, ignorant groupies.

Being smart, well read, and informed is the new national standard. Our grandparents can now be proud that we rose to the occasion as they did and turned the country around from the rape and pillage of the powerful and gave it back to the men and women whose spirit made this nation possible in the first place.

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