All American Iron & Imebciles

November 18th, 2008

I love the imbeciles who spout off about how we should let the Big Three automakers get out of the way of the 21st Century and die off like dinosaurs in their own methane fumes.

If General Motors tanks, 3 million Americans jobs will be bulldozed into bankruptcy. Many more suppliers will go under. The cost to the country’s economy will be staggering.

Or would Toyota pick up the ball and fill the gap? Will 3 million auto workers move to Alabama or wherever the hell Toyota set up a factory in the South to dodge high salary demands and benefit packages?

And what about Ford Motor? They were recently given the industry’s highest form of praise. Their vehicles now compete with or even excel in quality when compared to the Japanese automakers. A hit on GM might wound Ford just when the Ford family’s Big Blue Oval branding is gaining worldwide acclaim.

I don’t know much about Chrysler. I drove a PT Cruiser in Vegas and it was just awful. Like a roller skate with bicycle brakes and the suspension of a toboggan.

But Chrysler paid back the American people with interest after we bailed them out of the bankruptcy bucket.

Gm will do the same. Sure they screwed up, but so did you. You bought the Denali even when it’s just you and your wife in the empty nest. Come on, do we really need a vehicle with a television in the back seat so the kids don’t cry on the way to Cumbies? The buyer kept pushing the envelope. The American automobile industry, right on top of the American consumer’s revolving re-invention of themselves and their designated attention that zeitgeist, gave you what you wanted.

Unaffordable luxury at a leveraged price anyone willing to carry a 7 year lease could wrangle into the family budget. Then OPEC raised the stakes at the table and called.


When the cards were fanned, SUV’s lost the hand and the war was on. Suddenly any American automaker that hadn’t adapted was in big trouble. You asked for it, GM and the rest gave it to you, and now you want to crucify the supplier?


If GM finds itself on a rollercoaster to Hell, American imbeciles demanding their demise need to go along for the ride as well.

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